Their biggest appeal is that they manage to stay true to American folk musics rich lineage,
while throwing in enough curve balls to piss off the folk puritanicals.

The new album THE JUMPING FLEA  was released on the 11th February 2016
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This is The Curst Sons 6th full length album.
The twelve songs see the band continuing to hone their ruggedly individual take on the pre rock and roll world of old Americana. 

A bloody marvellous roots record! Barry Marshall- Everitt, House of Mercy Radio

If it is true that the Devil has all the best tunes, then he must undoubtedly have nicked some of them from The Curst Sons. Ken Brown, Fatea

Contains some of the finest 'hillbilly blues' known to man! Every song is a winner. Mike Morrison American Roots UK

Two songs taken from the album...

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