The Snake and the Money Jar CD
  • The Snake and the Money Jar CD
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The Snake and the Money Jar is The Curst Sons 5th CD and at 51 minutes and with 14 original compositions the boys haven’t run out of ideas yet.

 American Roots UK 5*****

Great melodies, excellent stories, powerful singing and playing…it would be easy to write glowingly about every song on this album but ultimately you should purchase a copy and confirm its excellence yourself.

 Americana UK 8/10

The Curst Sons once again deliver a top-notch album that proves, even in a vastly populated scene they manage to sound original and distinctly Curst.

R2 Magazine 4****

All the songs are original and generally hard driving -occasionally it throws in a surprise like “I had a Woman” which really sounds traditional and could come from the Georgia sea Isles.

Maverick 3***

They’ve managed to capture some of the storm they kick up live. Great music and a fine album.

House of Mercy

A very fine collect of songs, brilliantly written & played with total passion. They do what great British bands have done over the years, taken the idea from America and make it much much better......a near as you can get to a perfect record. ' Barry Marshall-Everitt,

Electric Grapevine

The Snake and the Money Jar is another classic which lives up in quality to its predecessor LPs.

 Dusty Stray
Another wonderfull collection of great songs with Killer performances. Real classics. 

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