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  1. The Cold Wind


The willows hang down
Where the river bends
And the spring sun shines
On all my smiling friends
Oh we shine so brightly
And we fly so high
We gonna live forever
We never going to die

But now I’m high on the cold mountain
In my thin summer clothes
And the cold wind blows.

It’s summer in the city
At a pavement café
And we all have something
So interesting to say
But the wind is rising
And the sky turns grey
And I feel like I been talking
My whole life away


Once a minute seemed an hour
And an hour seemed a day
And the turn of the year
Was a lifetime away
And time costs nothing
We just throw it away
There’ll always be plenty
Of time left to play


© Willi Kerr 2003

© The Curst Sons 2014