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  1. Young Bride

From the album Hell Awaits You


My wife passed away and the house is cold and empty
I sure could do with some help around the farm
I got my own teeth an’ I got my own tractor
And I surely don’t intend for to do her any harm.

Young Bride
Everybody’s talking
Kind a put my poor head in a daze
Young Bride
Wish they’d quit their squawking
They just don’t understand our mountain ways.

Well papa ran away an’ mama drank an’ beat me
She took me out of school for to raise the twins
An I know he’s kind a old but he always treat me sweetly
An he gave me store bought clothes and pretty things


Well you may call it love or you may call it pity
But things can’t be no worse than at home
They say she’s awful thin but I thing she’s kind a pretty
An’ bit a good food ’ll put some flesh upon her bones


Well twenty years have gone and now I am 6 and 30
The old man passed away last Easter time
Well he left me the farm and he left me all his money
And he left a handsome widow woman in her prime

I want a
Young groom, Someone young and handsome’
Don’t care if he’s blond or brown
Young groom, he won’t have to keep his pants on
Cos I’m selling up the farm and I’m moving into town


© Willi Kerr 2005

© The Curst Sons 2014