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  1. WTMY Blues

From the album Hell Awaits You


Well I’ve met the bad, I’ve met the sad
The fucked up and the blue
Well they put them all together Jenny when
Jenny when they made you
I mean they made
Jenny when they made you.

Well I thought I could rescue you
From your pain infested sea
But you wrapped your arms around me and
The one who drowned was me
Sure enough drowned was
The one who drowned was me

Now your lips so sweet they kissed away
All of my pain and doubt
Then they spat out words like kitchen knives
Cut my poor heart out
Tore my poor heart
Ripped my poor heart out

Well you burned down all my fences
With your analytic flame
So when you fucked me over girl
I thought I was to blame
Yes that I was to
Thought I was to blame

© Willi Kerr 2003

© The Curst Sons 2014