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  1. Yellow Ribbon

From the album Hey Moon


You wore a yellow ribbon
I did not catch your name
You smiled at me so sweetly
As we sat in the southbound train
I’m sure you must remember
That mood that I can’t explain
Please write to this box number
I just must see you again

Was I wrong
Was I wrong
Was I right
Was I right
Was I wrong
Was I wrong
Darling goodnight

A bunch of faded flowers
Tied on to a post
Mark that fatal meeting
In the car park on the coast
A bunch of faded people
Staring out to sea
They don’t see us holding hands
Your lovely ghost and me


You were a perfect flower
Blooming in the spring
I could not let cruel winter
Destroy such perfect skin
I gripped your throat so gently
You never made a cry
And now your perfect beauty
Will never fade and die


© Willi Kerr 2007

© The Curst Sons 2014