From the album Hey Moon


If someone comes knocking on your door at night
Put aside feelings of fear and of fright
He’s just a poor soul who’s world has gone bad
You should help him to stop feeling sorry and sad

Help the Poor Struggler
Help him on his way
Help him to see right from wrong on this day
Help the Poor Struggler
As he struggles more
Show him that celestial door

Make him a bed that is warm as it’s soft
Give him your room or you barn or your loft
You’ll hear him sleeping so tight and so sound
As if in his grave oh so cold in the ground


He maybe sleeoing the sleep of the just
Like dreamers and babies and angels they must
Don’t wake him early though soon he must rise
Let him peacefully walk upon clouds in blue skys


© Tim Dunkerley 2007

© The Curst Sons 2014