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  1. I Got it Bad

From the album Hey Moon


Once I was a lawyer, I worked in a tower of glass
Once I was a family man, regular Sunday mass
Had two kids in the nursery another on the way
Money in my pocket and some for a rainy day

I got it bad
I got it bad
I got it bad
Lost every little thing I had
People ain’t that sad
I got it bad

I emptied out my bank account and I loaded up my car
Ran off with the daughter of the folks who lived next door
First we went to Vegas then to Little Spain
Cashed in my life insurance I spent it on cocaine


We slept away the daytime, we drank away the nights
Traded the car for Whiskey, an’ lost the suits in fights
And when the subtle powder began to loose it’s charm
I took the Rolex off my wrist and stuck it in my arm


The snow blows in the backdoor there’s ice upon the pane
The bailiff called this morning and he’ll soon be back again
The TV set is broken dead light swings on the wire
But every night she loves me by the cold electric fire


© Willi Kerr 2007

© The Curst Sons 2014