From the album The Original and Genuine


Saturday morn, I went down town
To see what I could see there
I hadn’t spoke to a soul all week
I was gripped with the lonesome fever
I walked by the store, I walked by the bank
I stopped at a bar for a quick beer
Saw a tin shack, a hand painted sign
Come in an’ get your tattoos done here

Put your name here
Put your name here
Must be someone in this world
Put your name here
Put your name here
Wouldn’t mind to be my girl

I looked at the board, I saw a heart
With a scroll that’s meant for a girls name
I said to the man with the needle there
Give me one like that, just the same
Well he drew the heart and he coloured it in
He said all done ‘cept the scroll’s clear
I said to the man, just take you pen
And ink in this in Your Name Here


Just for a month, just for a week
I want to feel love’s power
I have to know that someone loved me
Even just for one beautiful hour
An’ when I get old I can look back
On the joy that we once tasted
And if I can die with you name on my arm
I will know my life weren’t wasted


© Willi Kerr 2010

© The Curst Sons 2014