From the album The Original and Genuine


You got a broken high heel
And your lip sticks smeared
I seen your face before
Ah but not for years
You used to be a beauty
Now you look half dead
Midnight at the station
And you’re out of your head

Where have you come from Bella Donna
Bella Donna where will you go
Are you the last one at the party
That ended thirty years ago.

The sweet voice they said
Was gonna take you far
Is as cracked and as broken
As your old guitar
Swollen fingers thrashing
At the sagging strings
As the star stands alone
On the corner and sings


The bottles are all empty
The lights are burning bright
Everyone has stumbled
Into the cold dark night
The music is long over
Ah but you still you tread
The crazy wall eyed shuffle
Of the dancing dead


© Willi Kerr 2010

© The Curst Sons 2014