From the album The Original and Genuine


You know they gave me a big fine
For not stopping at the stop sign
Cop said to me are you blind
Didn’t you see the white line
Well I said to him I was flying
Cos I’m late to meet that girl of mine

Cos I wanted some loving like sweet kind a hugging
And a kissing in the morning when lights just dawning
And the covers turned back
And the sweet smell of diesel
So open up your ears and I’ll tell you what I know now

I didn’t meet her in a hotel
I didn’t meet her in a motel
And it weren’t at the Taco Bell
Boys I met her in a police cell
And she didn’t take it too well
She said you can go to Hell


I don’t want to be unkind
But had it slipped your mind
While you’re getting yourself fined
I’m at St John the Divine
With that ever loving Pa o’ mine
Waiting to get entwined


I could a got a fire man
With the help of a jerry can
Or I could’ve had a rich man
If I’d just stuck to my plan
But here I’m am with an also ran
On our wedding day in the can


Well they sprung me outa that jail
When her Pa paid up my bail
An his daughter in her wedding veil
Laid the money on the nail
And tomorrow without fail
We’ll be up at the alter rail


© Willi Kerr 2010

© The Curst Sons 2014