From the album Hey Moon


Mama’s in the kitchen
Cooking up some meth
Grandpa he’s a working
Riding the wall of death
Sister got Satan on the Ouija board
Guess she lost her faith in the Lord

Darling’s gone to Greenville
Make her self a star
Taking all her clothes off
In the Blue Moon girly bar
Can’t walk on this leg a mine
I ain’t having, one hell of a time

I went down to the crossroads
Guitar by my side
Thought I’d meet the devil
Might give me a ride
Didn’t even see the law
No one comes past here anymore

I don’t feel like talking
Forgotten how to pray
Everything’s gone crazy
In every kinda way
I don’t wanna see my shrink
Won’t somebody here buy me a drink?

Went down by the railroad
Leaning on the gate
Feel like playing chicken
With that old Southern freight
Cept they shut the line last year
What’s a man got to do to die round here?

Built myself a coffin
Found myself a plot
By the sewage outfall
And toxic dumping spot
If darling’ comes with her new slave
I don’t want them dancing on my grave

© Willi Kerr 2007

© The Curst Sons 2014