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  1. Daisy



Meet me over La la Daisy
Meet me down at the Fais do do
Tell me could you love me maybe
I’m all dressed up and I’m good to go

I don’t care if I end up walkin’
I don’t care if it’s rain or snow
While we’re dancing we’ll be talkin’
You’ll tell me what I need to know

Daisy won’t you say you’ll be mine
Daisy I think that I love you
Daisy is it all a game
Or do really you think you could love me too

All the week long I been gloomy
Had I got it all wrong when
You smiled and stood so close up to me
Could I have been mistaken then


The band was playing hot zydeco
Folks were stumblin’ everywhere
You said to me Boy why don’t we go
Slip outside and we’ll get some air


© Willi Kerr 2012

© The Curst Sons 2014