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  1. I had a Woman


I had a woman

I had a woman
Where she go boys
I don’t know
But she sure don’t come around
Here no more
She don’t come around no more

Well I went into town and I asked them all
And I asked everybody had they seen my Doll
I searched by the highway and the shopping mall
Wherever she is I hope she hears my call


You know I prayed to Jesus and the Devil too
And the feller with the trunk and one that’s blue
And Zeus and Odin and the whole Norse crew
Can anybody up there give me a clue?


Well keep you eyes open all you travelin’ men
A black haired woman ‘bout 5 foot ten
Her walk would make a lawyer lay down his pen
And the look in her eyes is like hot cayenne


© Willi Kerr 2012

© The Curst Sons 2014