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  1. Bad Day


Bad day

It happened in the month of May
Listen what I say.
I took my sweet hearts life away
Listen what I say.
And I didn’t like the look I got
When she called me a real big-shot
Yea that upset me and quite a lot
Listen what I say.

Hey hey listen people
Listen what I say.
Hey hey listen up
I’d had a real bad day

My dear wife’s mother came around
And saw her layin’ on the ground
I always liked my Ma in law
But she turned out to be a bore
Now she won’t bore no one no more


You won’t believe what happened then
My sweet heart’s Pa came wanderin’ in
He said who’s killed my girl and wife
I said me with this kitchen knife
Of course I had to take his life


I’ve lived a long and happy life
Since I killed her family and my wife
Though I’m not prone to have regret
As I recall that sad vignette
It really makes me quite upset


© Willi Kerr 2012

© The Curst Sons 2014