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  1. You Let Me Down

From the album You Let Me Down


You let me Down

You left behind your underwear
Your coat’s still on the rack
You went away just yesterday
I don’t think you’ll be back
Your photographs and jewellery
The boots you bought in Spain
I got the lot but I will not
Hear your voice again

You said you’d never leave me
You’d always be around.
You said you’d never leave me
- You let me down

You took with you your sweet smile
Your precious company
Oh we were more than lovers
Yes we were family
You didn’t mean to hurt me
I know you’re not to blame
I know you’re gone but is it wrong
To want to call your name


We never had an argument
We’d never disagree
A Greyhound bus it parted us
And took your love from me
Your money is no good to me
This house has lost its charms
And I’m aware you’re lying there
When you should be in my arms.


© The Curst Sons 2014