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  1. The Jumping Flea

From the album You Let Me Down


The Jumping Flea

Come on everybody and listen to me
Got an old time dance and it’s real easy
Just bend your back and bend your knee
You dance around like a jumping flea

Marian she told Robin Hood
I think we’ve been misunderstood
When they think we’re doing good
Where shaking our ass in old Sherwood

Leonardo drew the Mona Lisa
Sitting there like she had amnesia
Put down his paints began to squeeze her
As they danced around the tower of Pizza

Down by the Mediterranean Sea
Cleopatra dressed so scantily
When he saw her anatomy
She won the heart of Antony

Henry 8 told Anne Boleyn
Gonna send my wife back to her kin
When he pulled out his violin
She started to shake that old tailfin

Adam and Eve stood by the tree
She said come eat this fruit with me
Now they were naked as they could be
All in glorious 3D

Wallis saw Edward had a ring
Right through the end of his ding-a-ling
She said now you’re no longer king
Show me how you shake that thing

Frieda was thin and Diego fat
They used to fight like dog and cat
In her blue house or in his flat
You sould hear their wild combat

Out in the jungle lived Tarzan
Jane fell in love with the monkey man
He had a short attention span
But he made love like no human can

© The Curst Sons 2014