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  1. Here We Go Again

From the album The Jumping Flea


Here We Go Again

Times Square
Au Pair
Bad hair
Skin care
I’m watching TV
In my underwear

Car Ad
Launch pad
Don’t tell me
I’m a dead-beat dad

Open up the fridge
Open up a beer
Open up some way -out of here

Kit bag
Name tag
Jet lag
Black flag
Lucky I didn’t come
home in a body bag

Poor boy
Sitting in a wheelchair
Back home in Illinois

Open up a knife
Open up a vein
Open up the window
Ma - look like rain

Well dressed
Shirt pressed
Big desk
Hate fest
Nice little war’ll
Get some votes in the Mid-West

Boarding pass
First class
Full glass
Top brass
They kill folks
Just sitting on their fat ass

Open up you heart
Open up your brain
Keep your head down
Here we – go again.

© Willi Kerr 2015

© The Curst Sons 2014