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  1. Abel Rourke

From the album The Jumping Flea


Abel Rourke

Sometime in the afternoon
Along the pike Road
With a fork
Came Abel Rourke
On his way to his abode
Earlier at Fuller’s Farm
Sacked for shoddy work
The casual hand
He left the land
And strode off with a smirk

Oh Able, oh Able
Lord what have you done
Oh Able, oh Able
Get out of bed and run

He spent day in drinking
In the Evening Star
And in a state
Of drunken hate
Well he fell out of that bar
Tried to enter Jenny’s house
She wouldn’t let him pass
She turned the lock
He took a rock
And smashed her window glass


He came across old man Boon
Working up ahead
Brought his fork down
Across his crown
And he killed the old man dead
Then on his way to Monroe
With a pocket knife
Left another man down
Upon the ground
A fighting for his life


He banged upon his mother’s door
With blood upon his hands
She said oh Lord
Here’s sins reward
I’ve raised a murderer man
He took his mother by the throat
And flung her down the stair
Then passed out dead
Drunk on his bed
And he’s still layin’ there


© Willi Kerr 2015

© The Curst Sons 2014