From the album The Jumping Flea


Looking over My Fence

Well the back of our house
Faces to the west
That’s where I like to sit and give my old tired bones a rest
There’s a bit of land there
Full junk and old cars
That’s where I spied a great big feller creeping round underneath the stars

Now he had that big beard
Hair up in a rag
Carrying a shiny spade and a big old black sports bag
Threw it in a hole
Covered it with clay
Flung a car tire over it and then he sneaked right away

You may say that I’m crazy
You say I’ve lost my sense
You wouldn’t believe the things I seen
Just looking out over my fence

When I dug that bag up
Sure gave me the chills
To find it that grip was full to the brim with used dollar bills.
I put the cash away
In a nice safe place
And I wandered off to bed with a big smile upon my face

I was woken early
From my beauty sleep
By a digger, digging holes and the workmen pouring concrete
Then it wasn’t no more
Than a week of two
When a nice little frame house started rising up into view


I’m in the backyard
Working on my shed
When I see that feller with the beard and the rag up on his head.
I have to tell ya
He looked kinda surprised
He stood there scratching his head and a rubbing at his eyes

Soon I seen the landlord
Show the new folks in
And if it wasn’t that beardy old feller then it surely must have been his twin
I’m liking our new neighbour
They say his name’s Bernard
I always give him a great big wave when I see him digging round in his yard

© Willi Kerr 2015

© The Curst Sons 2014