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  1. Baseball Bat

From the album The Jumping Flea


Baseball Bat

Knockin’ at the door
Christ! it’s the man
With the baseball bat
I know he wants
A little chit chat
A quick chin-wag
About this ‘n’ that

He hollers open up now
You riff-raff
I’m gonna separate
The wheat from the chaff
Leaning on the door bell
I don’t wanna
Argy-bargy with him

No fiddle-faddle
No flim-flam
I don’t have time
For a thank you ma’am
Grab my things
Time to split
Jump out the window
Lickety spit

I’m no yella belly
It ain’t like that
But I get twitchy
Round a baseball bat
So over the back wall
I gotta scram
He’s such a
Hoity-toity man

© Willi Kerr 2015

© The Curst Sons 2014