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  1. Shouting John

From the album The Jumping Flea


Shouting John

Now I’m going to tell you about Shouting John
He knows what’s right and he knows what’s wrong
So many things you gotta know
He ain’t slow to tell you so

His kids are the smartest in the school
The teacher don’t see it – he’s a fool
The there’s someone listening his phone
The government won’t leave him alone

You know there’s one in every town
He won’t shut up and he won’t sit down
He just won’t listen
And he can’t think straight
All he can do is shout & hate

He’ll tell you how to lead your life
And why he never liked your wife
And while he’s leaning at the bar
He’ll tell you how to fix your car

There’s too many wierdos hanging round
And too many foreigners in this town
We need more guns for self defence
With all these killings that’s plain horse sense


The end of the world is coming soon
They never did put a man on the moon
The Dinosaurs did never exist
So don’t you believe them scientists

This climate changing ballyhoo
They just to steal your car from you
And the poor scrounging off our tax
And all these things are proven facts.


© Willi Kerr 2015

© The Curst Sons 2014