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The Jumping Flea
  • The Jumping Flea
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The Jumping Flea is the 6th full length studio album from The Curst Sons.


The Curst Sons are back at last! It's been a long 3 year wait since their last (and 5th) album "The Snake & The Money Jar" freaked the americana puritans out of their indolent slumbers, but rest assured disciples, it has been well worth the wait. When the Curst Sons are bad, they are good. And on "The Jumping Flea" they are very very bad!

This trio inhabit a twilight hell-hued world, where they bend the musical and lyrical rules to suit their own nefarious purposes. They gnarl and twist together elements of bluegrass, rockabilly, country and blues and spew forth a sound that is instantly recognisable as their own. What may be overlooked is the fact that the Curst Sons are damn fine songwriters as well as potent lyricists. If Quentin Tarantino had written the screenplay to "Oh Brother Where Art Thou", then The Curst Sons surely would have supplied the soundtrack.

There's no angel band playing here. These guys don't take a walk on the sunny side of the street. Their Big Rock Candy Mountain is bathed in fire and whiskey. The Curst Sons lurk furtively in the dark recesses of your mind - they're the ones on your shoulder telling you the story of "Abel Rourke", who gets sacked from his farm job for shoddy work, goes on a killing spree and ends up killing his mother and then himself. Yes, dark murder ballads are a speciality, and this one is driven along by a killer rhythm and some tasty fuzzed-out blues licks.

If that doesn't scare you, then you don't want to be Bernard in "Looking Over My Fence". He's a great big feller who's just buried a stack load of ill-gotten dollars on waste land - unbeknownst to him, he's been seen by an old man who then helps himself to said cash. "I'm liking our new neighbour, they say his name is Bernard" deadpans Sons vocalist Willi Kerr, "I always give him a great big wave when I see him digging round in his yard".

The Curst Sons have a supremely uncanny knack of writing killer hooks, and that's a fact! I'm pretty darn sure they must have beaten Robert Johnson to that crossroads! "Baseball Bat" and title track "The Jumping Flea" are perfect examples of how string players Dave Simner and Tim Dunkerley can skilfully mould a simple banjo or mandolin riff around a stomping jackhammer Kerr-induced beat.

And lyrically they go where few fear to tread, and where fewer still are successful. Dark, macabre, at times frightening, but always with a liberal sprinkling of black humour and occasionally right on point with a political aside, best demonstrated on "Here We Go Again" and "Shouting John". It's what The Curst Sons do, and it's certainly what they do better than most.

It would be churlish of me to suggest that this is the bands best album to date - the Curst Sons do what they do, album after album, honing their craft, but never losing sight of their roots - and those roots are no doubt grounded in the fires of purgatory. "The Jumping Flea" (complete with neat flea that jumps out of the cover when you open it!) is a great album, it really is as simple as that.

If it is true that the Devil has all the best tunes, then he must undoubtedly have nicked some of them from The Curst Sons.

Ken Brown

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Limited edition (300) 10" vinyl EP featuring four new Curst Sons compositions. Free digital download included.

This is another tremendous recording from Britain's finest 'hillbilly blues' band, in fact if they were American, most people would see them as pretty much peerless; certainly their many fans already do! American Roots UK

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The Snake and the Money Jar CD
  • The Snake and the Money Jar CD
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The Snake and the Money Jar is The Curst Sons 5th CD and at 51 minutes and with 14 original compositions the boys haven’t run out of ideas yet.

 American Roots UK 5*****

Great melodies, excellent stories, powerful singing and playing…it would be easy to write glowingly about every song on this album but ultimately you should purchase a copy and confirm its excellence yourself.

 Americana UK 8/10

The Curst Sons once again deliver a top-notch album that proves, even in a vastly populated scene they manage to sound original and distinctly Curst.

R2 Magazine 4****

All the songs are original and generally hard driving -occasionally it throws in a surprise like “I had a Woman” which really sounds traditional and could come from the Georgia sea Isles.

Maverick 3***

They’ve managed to capture some of the storm they kick up live. Great music and a fine album.

House of Mercy

A very fine collect of songs, brilliantly written & played with total passion. They do what great British bands have done over the years, taken the idea from America and make it much much better......a near as you can get to a perfect record. ' Barry Marshall-Everitt,

Electric Grapevine

The Snake and the Money Jar is another classic which lives up in quality to its predecessor LPs.

 Dusty Stray
Another wonderfull collection of great songs with Killer performances. Real classics. 

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The Original and Genuine CD
  • The Original and Genuine CD
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The Original and Genuine is The Curst Sons 4th Album

Maverick.4 ½ Stars. This is an excellent album with something of interest always happening.

Music News 
4 Stars. Grassroots genres mixed together for something entirely fresh, original and genuine. 

R2 4 Stars. The Original and Genuine is an album of all original and genuinely pleasing songs. .

Backroads Music The Curst Sons are definitely unique, and in an industry where too many bands play really great music that sounds the same as too many other bands, that’s a major plus. 

Worthless Recluse There is no pretension here or oh-so-clever musical posturing. No, this album has an authentic and original sound, brilliantly catchy lyrics and real soul.

Flying Shoes Review.It doesn't take long to be bowled over by their energy, enthusiasm and considerable skill, not to mention the frequent shots of sharp humour.

Altcountry nl The Original and Genuine' is just a great little disc where a lot happens due to an amazing bunch of creative musicians. 


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Hey Moon CD
  • Hey Moon CD
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 Hey Moon is The Curst Sons the 3rd album. 

A fine new album...loads of good things. Mark Lamarr  BBC Radio 2

Full of energy. Bryan Burnett BBC Radio Scotland

Their unique rugged version of American roots music has a delightful dirt-road quality to it. Rock ‘n’ Reel 

Their biggest appeal is that they manage to stay true to American folk music’s rich lineage, while throwing in enough curve balls to piss off the folk puritanicals. Go forth and buy 'Hey Moon' and then go and see the shows. The Curst Sons deserve your support. Americana UK.

The Curst Sons have got everything nailed, and nailed good. Hey Moon is one of those albums that restore your faith in British country music. Maverick

Once you latch onto the Curst Sons groove you never quite want to clamber on out of it. Net Rhythms

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Hell Awaits You CD
  • Hell Awaits You CD
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 Hell Awaits You is the Curst Sons 2nd album.

Down to earth good humour runs right through the album the entire collection exudes casual confidence. Maverick.

Hell Awaits You works like a dream. Particularly interesting tracks include 'On the Road Again', 'Hobo' and 'Young Bride' but the album in it's entirety makes for interesting listening. AMERICANA-UK

The best Brighton album in quite some time, something like a White Stripes gig heard from a moonlight vantage point five miles down the track - skirt swirling, pint-swilling joy. The Argus

Beaten out of copper and tin from a time where guys wanna be eating beans from hot cans and livin' by their wits. The Brighton Source

They played most of the songs from their superb new album 'Hell Awaits You', but when a 'difficult second album' is as good as this one nobody was ever likely to complain. Americana UK.

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